Energy Efficient GRP Solutions


GRP Pipe Applications:

Water Applications

  • Raw and Potable water lines
  • Cross-country pipelines
  • City distribution lines
  • Gravity and Pumping mains upto 32 kgs/cm2

Sewer & Effluent Applications

  • Sewer Mains (Gravity / Pumping)
  • City distribution lines
  • Storm water drains
  • Effluent conveyance lines

Power Plant & Industrial Applications

  • Raw water & Sea water intake lines
  • Discharge & Brine water return line
  • Cooling water circuits & branches
  • Penstock lines in hydro power

Rehabilitation Applications

  • Rehabilitating failed Concrete, Steel pipes
  • Trenchless technologies for cities
  • Pipe in pipe concept
  • Water, Sewer, Gravity flow & Pressurized use

Epc Water And Waste Water Management

GRP Pipe Manufacturing

Water Transmission, Distribution and Sewage, Effluent Transportation

Asset Management for Municipality

Asset Management for Industry