Way Of Life

Our People - Our Strength

At DOSHION , we are committed to your satisfaction first. Our activities are guided by the customer's aim and the desire to satisfy customer needs on a long term basis. Engineering, combined with "people skills" means your project is well built and will function as you expect and demand.

While we are happy about our achievements so far, we are also aware there is a lot more to be done. Team DOSHION looks forward to achieve new milestones and partner it's customers for their growth journey.

Our employees are our greatest asset. They are responsible for discovering, developing innovative solutions to meet our global clientele. In keeping with our policy to invest in future, we strive to establish an environment that invigorates every individual's development.

We foster an ambience that best supports and encourages a close working relationship between every employee. The energy behind DL is this unique environment that nurtures young talent and aptly nourishes the experienced.

Learning is continuous. We pursue open door policy to offer continuous ventilation to young and old minds, helping us to achieve our objectives. Supported by strong training and performance management program, we have inculcated belief, capabilities and the resources to try new things to challenge conventions to do what it takes to help customer win.

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GRP Pipe Manufacturing

Water Transmission, Distribution and Sewage, Effluent Transportation

Asset Management for Municipality

Asset Management for Industry