Developing competence: we nurture..we care


The biggest challenge for a business today is to visualize and prepare for the future.


Our employees are our greatest assets. They are responsible for discovering, developing innovative solutions to meet our global clientele. In keeping with our policy to invest in future, we strive to establish an environment that invigorates every individual's development. We foster an ambience that best supports and encourages a close working relationship between every employee. The energy behind DOSHION is this unique environment that nurtures young talent and aptly nourishes the experienced.


At our Intellectual Capital Building Center, we have our expert trainers dedicated full time to address the training needs of organization for current business as well as the future focus. The training covers the entire development needs; technical skills, soft skills, specific functional skills related to a job, QSHE norms and IT. Based on the identified needs, we develop a training module, implement the process, observe the progress post training and record the improvement in performance.


Our knowledge management practices have encouraged us to network with universities, professional bodies, customers, vendors and partners to share their knowledge with our teams. This has been a very different experience for many of our employees especially the young graduates as they require multiple skill sets in the initial phase of their careers.


Today, we have a variety of in-house training programs that are having their own brand recognition. Like TARGET, a unique program designed to develop young engineering graduates and professionals and establish them as a product innovator or functional champ in just 2 years.


Team DOSHION, remains focused to anticipate the future and align it's functioning to the needs of tomorrow.



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